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If your interested in painting your own version of this painting I purchased the reference photo from

Here a great recource if you are wanting to know more about the salmon moluccan:

Salmon-Crested Moluccan Cockatoo

Dec 15,2020

These birds are undeniably beautiful! Their feathers are a soft peach, with a darker shade on their crests. Females have brown eyes, where their counterparts have black eyes. Being on the larger side they measure 15.5- 19.5 inches (40-50 cm), weighing 27-32.5 ounces (775-935 grams). They can live an astounding 60 years!

My process

I started off with painting the background black. I wanted all the focus to be on the bird and I think a black background really accentuates colors. After the background fully dried, I used white transfer paper to transfer my sketch onto the canvas. After that, I was ready to paint! I painted the whole bird a nice neutral grey, then started blocking in the lights and darks layering until I was ready for the fine details. I sprayed him with setting spray so the paint locked in place for the varnish. This whole process took me about 16 hours. So if you’re new to painting, don’t worry about how quick you are!

    I have loved birds for many years, I even have 6 birds tattooed! Each of them representing a family member. I hope to visit a bird santuary and meet one of these amazing creatures! 


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